Sat Nam Rasayan® is a healing that is based on consciousness that has the capacity to become transcendent, to modify the environment. We don’t use tools, we use the consciousness.
— Guru Dev Singh, Master of Sat Nam Rasayan

Sat Nam Rasayan helps release blocks, resistances that we are both aware of- in the form of stress or habits, and that we are not aware of, that can lead to dis-ease in the physical, mental, emotional or energetic bodies. Through this process both the practitioner and the client become more open and capable of self healing and vitality.
— Sukhpran Kaur, healing practitioner

Sat Nam Rasayan® Healing Treatments typically last between thirty minutes and one hour.  
Treatments can be in person, or remote.

Rates: $80 per treatment, or 3 for $200.

Use the form below to request a healing, include dates and times that you prefer for healing. I will respond to you within 24hrs.


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