Yogis De-Stress and Sleep Routine Tips

1. Eat final meal at least 4 hours before going to bed.

2. Begin a restful routine half hour before sleeping.

3. While brushing teeth, clear monkey glands by touching toothbrush to back of throat to induce gagging 2-3 times. The most healing tooth powder for brushing and gargling is powder potassium alum and salt in a 3:1 ratio. It’s high astringency will relieve congestion caused by bronchitis.

4. Clean your nose and oil it with almond oil or vaseline. Sinuses may be cleared by inhaling the gargling solution in each nostril.

5. Wash your feet with cold water before massaging them. Rub your feet with a course towel.

6. Drink a glass of water.

7. It is best to align your bed facing East to West to preserve your electromagnetic field from being drained by the earth’s North to South polarities.

8. Lay down on stomach and start deep breathing and relaxing. If you are feeling restless, you can eliminate all anxiety by placing two fists under the navel.

9. When you gain a little state of sleep by laying on your belly, roll over onto your right side and continue to deep breathe. Putting pressure on the right ribs will trigger left nostril breathing which is soothing and expansive.

10. Once you are in your left nostril, you will avoid REM sleep and restless dreaming. Come lying on your back and feel your head is in God’s lap and enter a blissful sleep to regain your health.