Psychic Protection for Healers

This is a commentary for healers, as I get approached often about the topic of psychic protection in the healing arts. I hesitate to put things in writing because I feel that even as I am writing, the concept of psychic protection is changing. Everything is in constant change, including the inherent nature of phenomena, and our association on many levels to the phenomena. This is the approach that I hope to most highlight and stress here- to invite you to most importantly, be open and embrace the changing nature of phenomena, including ‘psychic protection’, rather than try to necessarily understand or resolve it. I am only going to share my experience over the past few years, as I sought out and practiced many forms of psychic protection. This is not based on research, or any applied study, it is purely my own observations of my experience and consciousness. May it help you and inspire you to expand your perception, experience, and practice.

I am going to start by going out on a limb and saying what I have found is-- You do not need psychic protection. What I have found, like many other concepts, is that the whole paradigm and thinking around ‘psychic protection’ is what is asking to be shifted, rather than the actual trying to ‘do something’ with it. I would like to suggest that this is a first step: say to yourself ‘I AM psychically protected’, or ‘I don’t need psychic protection’- whichever resonates with you best. Explore how this feels and sense it in your space of perception, and beyond that space if you are able. Let it settle. Perhaps you will even sense the immense power you instantly manifested by declaring that statement. I would love at this point to hear from you how reading this makes you feel if you resonate with it at all. I intend that as an open forum, not one where we try to change each other’s thinking on it, or even comment on each other’s experiences- just as an observation of your personal, unique experience. Next, I will share some observations of some of the implications of why we may think we need psychic protection in the first place, and some practical applications to ‘treat’ those implications and strengthen ourselves as humans and healers. Stay tuned!